Who We Are

大切な場所にはきっと シーバイエス

Who We Are
CxS Corporation is a leading Japanese provider of cleaning and hygiene solutions, serving industrial customers in the building services contractors, retail, food service, lodging, healthcare and food and beverage markets in Japan.

A rich history and a blossoming future
We have a strong legacy in the commercial cleaning and hygiene industries. The company's roots stretch back to 1886, when S.C. Johnson founded his parquet floor business in Wisconsin, USA. In 2012, we separated from Sealed Air / Diversey Global and became an independent company, focused on the Japanese market.
With independence came the opportunity to build our own brand. As a result, on July 1st, 2014, we changed our company name to CxS Corporation. CxS is pronounced "C by S," with the letters representing "Cleanliness" & "Sanitation" - we are committed to providing both to our customers, and believe this represents the essence of our company.
Today, we focus entirely on the needs of Japanese customers, both at home and as they consider expansion into foreign markets. We develop and manufacture products in Japan, as well as leveraging our global connections to ensure our customers have access to the latest innovations from around the world.
If you'd like to discuss what our cleaning and hygiene product solutions can bring to your organization, or if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.